To connect our community through gardening 

We are a group of residents with a shared interest in gardening, fresh food, and cooking.  We believe strongly in building community where we live and are volunteering our time to help create a new shared volunteer garden space in Mountain View, California.  


Current happenings

You asked for it and now it is happening!  A new urban shared garden at the newest city park, Heritage Park.  The grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony will be Dec 10, 2016.  The new park is very unique and definitely worth a visit.  It is a 100% passive park and showcases the history of Mountain View.  Soil&Water is so grateful to be able to garden in the community space and can't wait to start gardening.  Soil&Water will have information at the event on how to join the project if you are interested or click the "join us" button below.



We've been lucky to raise starting funds to create this project and keep it going for 2 years.  

However, donations are always helpful (of any small amount) and demonstrates that this project is important to you.

Our Sponsors

Los Altos Community Foundation


The new Heritage Park, 771 Rengstorff at the corner of Old Middlefield and Rengstorff Blvd.