To connect our community through gardening 

We are a group of residents with a shared interest in gardening, fresh food, and cooking.  We believe strongly in building community where we live and are volunteering our time to help create a new shared volunteer garden space in Mountain View, California.  


Current happenings

We are working on a small, edibles, shade-tolerant container garden at our local Mountain View General Store @ 705a W Dana Street.  The goal is to provide our community with ideas for gardening on balconies, small patios, and shaded areas.  This is a work in progress and we hope to complete within the next couple of weeks.  Keep and eye out for it!



We've been lucky to already raise enough starting funds to create this project  and keep it going for 2 years.  

However, donations from residents (of any small amount) demonstrates to City Council that this project is important to you.

Our Sponsors

Los Altos Community Foundation

We need a site. 

We are currently advocating to the City of Mountain View to create a more community gardens or shared garden spaces in Mountain View

Do you know of a site?