Getting Started

A personal note.

I never thought of myself as a gardener.  Gardening only became a love of mine after moving to California.  Everything grows here!  Even in San Francisco, I would get a pretty good season of tomatoes off of one plant on a balcony.    I fell in love with all the community garden spaces hidden throughout the city and volunteered at a few of them in my own neighborhood in Hayes Valley.  I moved to Mountain View two years ago and can't believe that I can grow food year round.  The climate is perfect.   

So I have been trying all sorts of different edibles over the past couple of years at first on my mostly shaded balcony in an apartment and now in any sunny spot I have in the tiny backyard of our rental.   Some plants thrive, some fail, but I am definitely hooked. There is something incredibly powerful about the feeling of a dinner made from produce grown at home.  Then there is my young daughter and the feeling it gives me when she picks a ripe strawberry and proudly shows it to me as she pops it into her mouth.  I think of all the different vegetables she is more willing to try when she picks it off the plant rather than on her dinner plate.  Finally, I have always been very interested in herbs and their culinary, therapeutic and cosmetic uses.  I feel like the more I discover and explore about gardening, the more there is to learn, and as a researcher by profession, I do enjoy the trial and error nature that is gardening.