Temporary garden space

Wonder what Soil&Water has been up to this summer?  We have been gardening!  Our temporary site, Viola's garden, went from barren flat to a lush garden using all organic techniques and as little water as possible (including some greywater use from collected shower warm-up water).

We were so lucky to meet a very generous and special family that allowed us to use their unused garden space in the interim until we get a permanent site.  We started in May 2014.  Volunteers came every week to participate.  We designed the garden, amended the soil, set up drip irrigation, and of course, planted.  The harvests were shared among the volunteers and with the family.

Check out some of our photos from this summer.   


We have learned a lot from our first garden using this volunteer-run model but most importantly that this model can work depending on how it is structured.  We have had lots of very dedicated volunteers and enjoyed a lot of yummy garden-fresh organic veggies.  We continue into the fall with a winter garden.