Summer Gardening @Iwai Garden

Soil&Water is pleased to have our first Backyard Gardeners network site in Mountain View. We have named this site as Iwai Garden. Iwai and his family have shared their backyard with Soil&Water to work on this project. 

This is an exciting opportunity for us to start with Summer Gardening. Here the space will be distributed with Individual plots for interested people who needs a space to plant and enjoy gardening.  This garden will also have shared areas where the area will be done by Volunteers. This is an exciting opportunity for people without Backyard and Patio.

S&W is excited to design and plant for this growing season. We have completed setting up Drip irrigation to the plots and have planted few herbs and Tomatoes to start with. We also have setup Bean Tepee and are planning on planting beans or Cucumbers for the season.

Kids love to come to the Garden and help us plant and also play around with the chickens, Swings and play area around there.

Kids love to play around the water area while irrigating the plants. We have setup Drip irrigation in all the shared and Individual plots.

The nets around the plots are for the chicken. They are Chicken nets and we had to handle them due to baby plants.

There is a huge Walnut tree with swings. Kids love to spend their time in the swing with the chickens around.

If you are interested in volunteering with Soil&Water Please contact us.