Final design for the Soil&Water garden

We finished up designing the garden space and can't wait to share the design with you! 

Thank you to Matt M for putting this final model together, and to the many people on the design committee for volunteering your time and effort over the past month to put this together.  

This model will serve as a plan of our garden layout for this first year. This layout kept the planter boxes to a minimum and maximized the in-ground planting areas.  In total, we have approximately 1000 square feet of plantable area, including all beds and boxes.

To help you navigate the models:

  • Center octagonal ,two-tiered planting bed, approx 8' wide
  • A compost area to the right side and kid's garden area to the left side.  (These are still in flux)
  • One main entrance and 1 or 2 exits near the compost area for easy access to the tool shed and picnic table.
  • Main path into the garden is 3' wide
  • In-ground beds are 3' wide. 
  • Mulch walking paths,  2' wide (just wide enough to garden from both sides) No obvious throughways but more indirect access paths with a main cross path to avoid excess traffic through the garden
  • A simple post and wire fence to encompass the garden
  • Compost box - a configuration of three compost bins and worm bin.

This plan provides a pretty informative visualization of the size of the space and what can fit in it.  Keep in mind that it serves as an excellent guideline but will be modified as needed upon implementation in the garden.  

Hope you are as excited about it as the design committee is!

Next steps: 
Jason took a soil sample and submitted it for analysis. 

Matt, Kathleen, Jason, Archana, Heather, Tod, Ronit, and Kavita began laying out the model on the ground based on this plan.  

A plant list has been drafted and will be completed over beers at Bierhaus this coming Sunday.  
You all are invited to come for a beer or provide input on what edibles you want to have growing at the garden.

  • Where: Bierhaus, 383 Castro St, Mountain View, CA
  • When: Sunday, Feb 12, 2017
  • Time: 3-4:30pm