Bed building is done!

All the structure for the garden is nearly complete. This means things are right on schedule and we'll be able to start planting the garden as early as this coming Saturday.  Thanks to everyone for your hard work and especially to Eva from the Google Community Gardens for her help! 

This past Saturday was bed building day. To prepare for this day, I ordered all the redwood pre-cut from the Home Depot. They were so helpful by pre-cutting the wood and delivering it to Heritage park.  The list of wood I ordered with all the requested cuts was asking a lot of them but they made it easy with very few errors so thank you Home Depot.  Having it delivered was especially a good choice too.

We also ordered soil (the CK mix) from Ciaradella's, which is organic and contains mushroom and organic compost.  This particular one came highly recommended from Eva.

Then we had several people bring drills, tools, and wheelbarrows to build day.  On Saturday, we got to work.  Some people shoveling dirt into wheelbarrows and bringing it over to the garden, some assembling the wood and drilling, and some with the important job of keeping an eye on the kids.  Even the kids got to work filling buckets with dirt and what fun they had playing on a huge mound of dirt.   By the end of two hours, we successfully assembled all the beds with some adjustments to the specs to decrease the potential for wood rot.  Thanks to Tod, Jose and Eva for all their advice and expertise in the process. The rest of us learned a lot.  Check out a few pictures from the workday.