Feb 21, 2018 workday- Biochar/IMO-1

We have been busy at the garden planting during our first few work days this year.  We have planted potatoes, onions, and blueberries so far.  It is so nice to come back to the garden and have stuff ready to harvest.  Our first week back, we harvested loads of kale and chard, carrots, and way more parsley than we know what to do with.  We donated this to the Community Services Agency in Mountain View.   We also cut calendula flowers to dry and will be using this later.

 Our friend Peter, the Biochar guy, came to the workday with a very curious Biochar-IMO experiment.  He brought with him a mesh bag full of a mixture of wood chips, grains (oats, wheat, barley) soaked in worm tea, biochar and an added IMO-1.  The idea is that you bury this in your native soil for 2 weeks and then dig it up and see what you get.  If it works, you will proliferate the indigenous microorganisms in your soil that help break down organic matter.  The method is taken from a methodology called Korean Natural Farming.  

Stay tuned to see what happens.