Squirrels took our corn!

Squirrels can be a big nuisance (to put it lightly)!  We lost most of our tomatoes last year to the resident squirrels so we netted the tomatoes this year.  If you've been by the Soil&Water garden lately, you might have seen our stake and netting structure.  It helps with the tomatoes but that means they are eating other stuff.


We have been excited about our 11+ foot corn.  We are growing a variety called Evergreen Sweetcorn, non-GMO white sweet corn, which was given to us by SlowFood USA.  The corn was doing really well with several ears on each stalk.   Some gardeners that attended a workday over the past couple weeks were lucky enough to have harvested several ripe ears.  We have been waiting for the corn to ripen for a big harvest but the squirrels got to it first!  Argh!!! 

Unfortunately on this past Wednesday, the squirrels ate every ear on 2 full rows of corn.  Gardeners arrived on Wednesday morning's workday to find stalks all over the place.  Those sturdy stalks providing the climbing structure needed to get to the tasty ears of corn.  What could they do but clean it up and harvest what they could.  How do squirrels figure out exactly when it is all ripe anyway?   

By Saturday's workday, the squirrels got it all!  Not an ear left in the entire garden!  We must have had nearly 100 ears of corn growing only to provide food for those thieves.  Sad.

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